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Revoli advises and develops your business in its organization, management and profitability


“It is probably my origins in Lyon that initiated the first business I developed in restaurant sector and led me to focus on the business in general.

Over the past 20 years, I have discovered and learned about the business world by working in different positions. Initially as a collaborator, then quickly as a manager, Chief of Operations, CEO and finally Founder.

When I created the OLY CAFÉ Restaurant & Bar at 25, the different jobs I had before helped me to move forward faster and see the needs to coordinate everything and to have a global vision of this business: management, marketing, sales, and human resources. When I sold it 5 years Later, I completed my knowledge as field manager with the financial and strategic aspects of the business.

So many skills and practices acquired in the field have led me today to make you win time and go to market. I have defined tailor-made strategies designed to support structures of all sizes in all sectors. The goal is to optimize them and increase their profitability value to answer your business needs.

Nowadays, I support the development of several brands, in Paris in particular, through an approach that is based on sales, finance and strategic issues, designed with the Manager to be at the heart of the different topics and the various challenges (business plan, management, marketing, communication, social networks, CRM, SEO and delivery, organization, methodology, management, human resources, regulation).

From catering, to press advertising, through export in delicatessens or mass distribution, it is with the same pleasure, the same enthusiasm and the same challenge that I have contributed to the development of several structures, both national and international. It is this know-how that I want to share with you. “Olivier



Together, our dream comes true!


The manager is focused on his operations with a long-term strategy in mind.

It’s difficult for him to have a global vision.

With the experience and knowledge of your sector of activity, it is therefore crucial to be accompanied in the definition of a complete commercial, financial and strategic approach, to be at the heart of your different subjects and issues (business plan, management, marketing, communication, social networks, CRM, SEO, delivery, organization, methodology, management, human resources, regulation…).

With the aim of sharing experiences to draw tailor-made strategies to support structures of all sizes and in all sectors in order to optimize them and increase their value.

Preferred sector of activity : events, gastronomy: from catering to the marketing of food products (export, mass distribution).

I’ve always liked to share ideas,
develop projects, get through the stages,
start from scratch and make the impossible possible.


The entrepreneurship is exciting, constantly evolving and every day is to be invented. Whether your project has just started or whether it exists already since a few months or few years, REVOLI, your business partner, advises you and accompanies you in your growth and organization.

This with a lot of generosity and reason, creativity and rigor.


An audit is automatically carried out in order to determine precisely the various actions to put in place and the subjects to be given priority.

Let’s forget the overused side of the word “Business” and retain its original meaning. Business complies with rules, development standards and also has pitfalls. It is essential to know them and, even better, master them.

If your enthusiasm is equal to your ambition, let’s meet quickly to develop your magic wand.




Olivier Dantzikian C.E.O.